December 24, 2012

359/366: 365 Days In (Pre-wash)

These are my Unbranded 201s after a year of wear. Early on they were my daily pair as I had no other pants. Eventually they’d go down to anywhere from 1-2 to 4-5 wears a week. I’m planning to wash them tonight so tomorrow I’ll put up a photoset detailing the process.

Areas of note:

  • Selvedge fade on cuff and dirty cuffs
  • Front fly button fades
  • Notebook and pen fade on left rear pocket (I write a lot)
  • Wallet fade on right rear pocket
  • "Railroad" fade on side of legs
  • Heavy whiskering on front
  • Rivets breaking through denim on back block
  • Belt loops fading
  • Light honeycombs on back knees

Once again I have to plug ABC Denim, the guys who I got this pair from on Christmas eve last year. (As an aside, is there enough interest to submit this to Rawr Denim?)

Unbranded 201: 36 W | 30 L (hemmed) | Tapered | No washes | No soaks

(December 24, 2012)

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